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Door-to-door sales requires a Peddler's License.  For more information regarding peddler's license, please contact the City Clerk, 816-781-3996, EXT# 9.

In addition to other regulations, peddler's are prohibited from going to houses on the No Visit List. 

No Visit List

 Name Street #
Street Name
  Name Street #
Street Name
 Amos 7907 Arnote  xxxx Stamberger 6808 North Elm
 Whitmer 8006 Birchwood Dr
 xxxx Callahan 6810 North Elm
 Norman 7110 Boucher Cir
 xxxx Heese 6811 North Elm
 Bless 7113 Boucher Cir
 xxxx Mesimer 6818 North Elm
 Ketteman 7300 Chaddy Cir
 xxxx Kampman 7001 North Elm
6813 Chas Dr
 Johnson 7004 Chas Dr
 xxxx Ludwig 7504 Oak St
 Tatom 7108 Chas Dr
 xxxx McDaniel 7506 Oak St
 Kelso 112 Circle Dr
 xxxx Cole 6821 Orchard St
 Harrelson 7506 High Dr
 xxxx Biggs 8709
Orchard St
7510 High Dr
 Bruynell 7909
High Dr
 xxxx Holmes 8804 Orchard St
 8612 Hines Lane
 xxxx Harris/Gassman 8808 Orchard St, APT A
 Krull 8401 Kaill Rd
 xxxx Hinson 7803 Pleasant Valley Rd
 Smith 8603 Kaill Rd
 xxxx McCall 7908 Pleasant Valley Rd
 Smith 7803 Lee Dr
 xxxx Prichard 6203 Ravena Rd, Apt #1
 Munoz 8703 Linda Ln
 xxxx Kevin Green Homes
6610 Royal St
 Langner 8709 Linda Ln
 xxxx Gunier 6708 S Brookside
 Cawthon 7913
Little Ln
 xxxx Monnig 8508 Sarah Ln
 Connor 7012 Michael Ln
 xxxx Maxwell 8605 Sarah Ln
 Hinson 7103 Michael Ln
 xxxx Jemison 8701
Sarah Ln
 Gregory 7117 Michael Ln
 xxxx Brecke 8703 Sarah Ln
 Elder 6901 N Brookside
 xxxx Green 6900 Sobbie Rd
 Goltz 7103 N Brookside
 xxxx McCubbin 7003 Sobbie Rd
       xxxx King 7114 Sobbie Rd
       xxxx Westwood Manor
7115 Stewart Rd
       xxxx Kirkman 6908 T. Gabbert Dr
       xxxx Stumph 7516 High Dr
       xxxx Williams 7808 Walnut St
       xxxx Chavez
Willis Dr

Section 630.090 No Visit List
The City Clerk will maintain a list of persons within the City who restrict visits to their residential property (including their lease holders in the case of tenant) by peddlers.  This "no visit" list is a public document, reproduced on the City's website and available for public inspection and copying.  A copy of the "no visit" list will be provided to each applicant for and each applicant of a permit.  Failure to abide by  the "no visit" list constitutes grounds for revocation of the permit and a fine in accordance with Section 615.200 of the Pleasant Valley City Code.