Pleasant Valley has developed an internship program for high school students interested in City Administration, Police work, Fire Department work, and Public Works. The training is conducted for community service hours, and will go towards certain diplomas in the North Kansas City District. If you have any questions about the Internship programs or are interested in applying, please contact City Hall at 816-781-3996. 



Interns have an active roll in the office and in the field. We take great pride in giving our interns the opportunity to truly learn about the fields they want to delve into. We have no doubt that our interns will be very successful in all they do here and beyond.

In our first year of student internships we have had Students:

 Ride along with officers in the field
 Look over important documents for recording
 Give department updates at City Meetings
  Update the Loss Control Program for City Employees
 Create this Web Site!