Pleasant Valley Fire Department

Our Mission:

The mission of Pleasant Valley Fire Department is to protect life, property, and serve in our community. Our Dedicated group of Firefighters and Medical Professionals accomplish this through education, planning, prevention, and training. We strive to be effective, efficient, and grow within an ever changing environment.
PVFD runs with 1 Firefighter/Paramedic and 1 Firefighter /EMT 24/7/365. We supplement with volunteers.  To cover these positions, we have a total staff that consist of 28 part-time and volunteers.
Our Equipment:
  • 2006 PL Custom Ford E450 Ambulance  (Medic 43)
  • 2014 4500 Type III Chevrolet Ambulance 
  • 1996 Smeal/ HME Pumper (Pumper 41)
  • 1981  Boardman/ Ford C800 (Pumper 42)
  • 2001 F550 Super Duty Brush Truck  (Squad 45)

Miscellaneous equipment that we are proud of:

  • Physio Control Life pack 12 monitor, with 12 lead capability MSA Evolution 5200 Thermal Imaging Camerax 
In 2006 PVFD Logged 628 incidents,  These incidents include; EMS, Fire, Rescue, Hazardous Materials and Inspection activities.

Effective 11/7/2016, the Pleasant Valley Fire Department has moved to a new 11,000 sq/ft Fire Station that was built at a cost of $2.6 million dollars. The new facility is one block west of the old Fire House. 

Mailing Address:

8108 Pleasant Valley Rd
Pleasant Valley, MO 64068
Station # (816) 792-0200
Fax # (816) 792-5863