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No Tax Due Application Form

New Business:

Any company wishing to do business in Pleasant Valley is required to have a business license before any business is performed in the City.  License applications are available at City Hall (6500 Royal Street).

Fee:  A license fee of $100 is charged for licenses bought between July and December and are effective through the following June. 

The fee for licenses bought between January and June is $50 and will need to be renewed by July 1.

Renewal Business:

Business licenses are renewable each year in the month of June and are effective from July 1 through June 30.

Cost:  The cost of a business license is $100 a year plus 40 cents per thousand dollars of gross business done in Pleasant Valley the previous year.  A penalty of $25 is charged after September 1 for licenses that have not been renewed.


A certificate of Insurance for Worker's Compensation (if employing 5 or more employees) must be submitted with an application.  If a company has 5 or fewer employees, an affidavit to that effect must be signed and returned with the application.  A copy of the affidavit is on the Pleasant Valley web page under "Forms, Permits, and Applications."

No Tax Due Statement:

Beginning January 1, 2009, Missouri law states all cities, counties and state agencies must require a statement of no tax due from the Department of Revenue before issuing or renewing any city or county occupation license or any state license required for conducting business where goods are sold.

Please supply your Missouri Tax ID Number at the top of the application in the area provided as well as you Certificate of No Tax Due issued by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

License Restrictions:

No license shall be issued under the terms of  Chapter 605:

1.  Until the amount of the license tax prescribed therefor by this Chapter shall be paid to the City Collector or his/her authorized agent; and
2.  To any applicant therefor who at the time owes delinquent license, personal, business, real estate or merchants and manufacturers taxes to the City until all such delinquent taxes have been paid; and
3.  Unless the applicant, subject business, and property are in compliance with and remain in compliance with all ordinances of the City including, but not limited to, zoning regulations, nuisance ordinances, and building and fire codes.