Peddler's Permits and No Visit List

Door-to-door sales requires a Peddler's License.  For more information regarding peddler's license, please contact the City Clerk, 816-781-3996, EXT# 9.

In addition to other regulations, peddler's are prohibited from going to houses on the No Visit List. 

No Visit List  (click link for list)

Section 630.090 No Visit List
The City Clerk will maintain a list of persons within the City who restrict visits to their residential property (including their lease holders in the case of tenant) by peddlers.  This "no visit" list is a public document, reproduced on the City's website and available for public inspection and copying.  A copy of the "no visit" list will be provided to each applicant for and each applicant of a permit.  Failure to abide by  the "no visit" list constitutes grounds for revocation of the permit and a fine in accordance with Section 615.200 of the Pleasant Valley City Code.