Municipal Court FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
1)      Do I have to come to court to provide proof of insurance? 
a)      No. Effective April 7, 2011, the Court Clerks have authorization to dismiss Financial Responsibility Required (Proof of Insurance) citations that are in compliance and you have proof that there was coverage as of the date of the citation.
2)      Is there a drop box for payments? 
a)      Yes, the drop box is located on the lower level of the Municipal Building at the Court window.  If you would like a receipt, then include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your payment. Be sure to sign the back of your YELLOW copy of the citation and include the citation number on your form of payment.
3)      Do you accept payments via credit/debit cards or online? 
a)      Yes, under the "Pay Your Fines" tab, in person, or over the phone 816-792-4812.
4)      Is there a way to pay for a ticket without appearing in Court? 
a)      Some tickets may be paid without appearing in Court. Please see COURT FINES for a list of violations that do not require a Court appearance. You must, however, pay the ticket before your court date. NOTE: Speeding fines are higher in school and work zones.
5)      What if I miss my Court date? 
a)      If the ticket is not paid before your court date you may be issued a Failure to Appear Citation which carries additional fine of $103.00 and gives you a one time continuance. If you miss again, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. In addition, the Department of Revenue will be contacted in regards to suspending your license.
6)      What citations are Mandatory Court Appearances? 
a)      It is not possible for us to list all of the charges, a few are: DWI, DWS/DWR, Possession of drug(s) and/or drug paraphernalia, Open Container, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, No Valid Driver’s License.
7)      Can I get a Court date continuance over the phone? 
a)      Yes, the Court Clerks can give you 1 (one) continuance over the phone. However, you MUST speak with a Clerk. After that, you must come and request another continuance from the Judge.
8)      Do I have the right to be represented by an Attorney? 
a)      Yes. You have the right to hire an attorney and have him/her speak for you in Court. If jail is the possible punishment or you are financially unable to hire an attorney, you may request an application for a Court appointed attorney from the Judge. 
9)      How many points will go on my license?  
a)      Contact the Department of Revenue to receive that information, 573-751-4475.
10)      I disagree with the Municipal Judge’s finding in my case. Can I have another Judge and/or a jury hear the case?
a)      Yes. Most convictions, but not all, charged in the Pleasant Valley Municipal Court may be appealed to the Clay County Circuit Court. A new Judge will hear the case without reference to any previous findings. The appeal must be filed within 10 days of sentencing in the Municipal Court and the appeal filing fee is $30.00 for each charge.  Pleasant Valley Municipal Court will then forward your case information to Clay County. Clay County will contact you with your new court date.  Please read the Defendant's Rights section or speak with the Clerk.
11) Where can I get a copy of my Missouri driving record?
a)      Any State license office can provide copies of your driving record. Only the requester is allowed to receive his\her driving record with proper identification